About Me

Hello and welcome!

My name is Perla Lay. I live in Maryland, graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelors degree, and then went on to pursue clinical counseling at Washington Adventist University. I am married and I have a husky fur baby named Raiden.  

Art has always been my escape and I love learning new methods, crafts, and playing with different medians. Right now my favorite is clay and water color painting. I have learned a lot from youtube in the recent years but nothing replaces growing up with parents who supported my love for drawing, painting, and reading. I basically spent my weekends at Michaels and Barnes and Nobles. 

I've always loved spooky season. So I thought how perfect would it be to mix my favorite time of the year and my art. Enjoy all the ghouls, pumpkins, and autumn art year round!

Perla Lay

email: booandstuff@booandstuff.com

insta: @perlamlay @thespellboundstudios